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20th Feb 2020


End Point Assessment

The Welcome Centre Coventry
Drinks Reception
19th February Ramada Hotel 
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Who would you like to see speak: What Topics  do you want to have covered with regard to EPA.  Email 

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“Challenges and requirements of an EPA platform”

SIAS (Science Industry Assessment Servic


The new EQA framework requires EQA providers to carry out readiness checks of EPAOs to ensure they are ready to deliver. This is in addition to any readiness checks carried out by the ESFA

Training providers have a key role to ensure that apprentices have a full understanding of what EPA looks like. 

Education technology and the portability of mobile learning devices portability both play an important role in how employers and apprentices view modern assessment.

Why you Should Attend

3rd National  conference for End Point Assessment Organisations, External Quality Assurance Organisations, Training Providers, Employers, Trailblazers, Individual assessors and Internal Quality Assurers.

An essential event for all those involved in End Point Assessment

This conference is an unparalleled opportunity for all of those involved in End Point Assessment to come together to network and be informed and updated on the apprenticeship journey from readiness to end point assessment. 


The conference will take a 350 look at End Point Assessment

Main speakers and Workshops to be confirmed, but the outline of the day is as follows.

  • Registration and exhibition

  • Event address Head Line Sponsor

  • Presentation

  • Workshops x 2

  • Lunch

  • Presentations and QA Session

  • Workshops x 2 

Speakers to be confirmed
and added as confimed
Chris Jones 
  • David Gallagher

Tony Allen Conference Chair
Steve Walker
  • Kelle McQuade EPA Director

Organisations Confirmed to Attend 77 days to go 
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